Increase Guest Food & Beverage revenues by 18% to 50%, eliminate 95% of the direct costs associated with room service &

Take Up is a mobile solution that showcases your menus, food offerings, and essential facilities, empowering guests to connect directly to key site business segments, using the #1 Communications App in North America.

In Room Sales: 18-50% increase with digital ordering vs. phone orders depending on the menu.

Guest Preferences: 70% of Guests would rather order digitally vs using the phone.

Food Images: Including images of your menu items can lead to an increase of up to 30% in hotel guest reservations.

Staff Costs: Eliminates staffing requirements involving room delivery, guests pick up orders whether to take up to their room or elsewhere.

Communication: Effective and precise 2-way communication between facility staff and guests prevents errors in order preparation, accuracy and guest expectations.

Training: No need for extra staff training to handle various situations, including customer service and proper food handling.

All guest interactions occur through the Messenger App,
which is already installed on over 83% of your Guests’ devices.

Sell More Rooms!
Reconnect with previous guests, achieving a 100% reach and an impressive 90% open rate.

Promote: Promote various offerings such as events, room specials, group booking discounts, or seasonal promotions.

… your marketing message will always get to your previous Guests