GPS Target Finder with Swing Tips

GPS Distance to Targets:
With accurate GPS distances to targets on the range enhances practice sessions by providing better accuracy and precision.

Swing Tips:
Swing tips can attract new students to your traditional in person lessons or bolster your offerings with a Virtual Academy for those who struggle to allocate the time to the traditional in person session.

Promote any additional services or products either during practice sessions or within a 2-hour window after your customer has left the facility.

Unlock teaching opportunities and revenue streams with our Virtual Academy. We offer a comprehensive technology solution to facilitate the growth and functionality of this new income source

There’s no more effective method to expand your teaching business than by catering to daily players who frequent the course but struggle to accommodate traditional on-site lessons in their busy schedules

1) Enhanced customer and club experiences

2) Increased Sales:
 Rounds, Food, Equipment, Clothing

3) Expand your teaching opportunities and revenue

4) Expansive customer base with 100% reach & 90% engagement

5) Increase in  Player Pace of Play

All player interactions occur through the Messenger App,
which is already installed on over 83% of your Guests’ devices.