The only program with zero fees & all the features

It starts with the scan of a QR Code

Fully Featured

– Digital Score Card
– Hole Descriptions & Layout
– Inclement Weather Warnings
– Exclusive Pace of Play Monitoring!
– On Course Promotion
– “At the TurnDigital Ordering
– Player Rewards
– Weekly/ Monthly Leader Board

With GPS Range Finder
Players have the option to add Course Caddie GPS for an extra $1.00 per device, with $0.85 allocated to Course Caddie.

1) Enhanced customer and club experiences

2) Increased Sales:
 Rounds, Food, Equipment, Clothing

3) Expand your teaching opportunities and revenue

4) Expansive customer base with 100% reach & 90% engagement

5) Increase in  Player Pace of Play

All player interactions occur through the Messenger App,
which is already installed on over 83% of your Guests’ devices.